Senators to Announce Bipartisan Principles on Immigration Reform

Press Release, January 28, 2013

Framework Is Powerful, Practical Start

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A bipartisan group of senators will officially release a framework today for broad immigration reform that includes a conditional path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. The plan also includes reforms to the legal immigration system based upon the needs of the economy, creation of an employment verification system and an improved process for admitting future workers. Many of the details have yet to be hammered out, but legislation is expected to be drafted by March.

The following is a statement by Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum:

“We are pleased to see our political leaders in both parties prioritize broad, commonsense immigration reform, starting with their announcement of these principles. For these Republicans and Democrats to be leading their parties forward speaks volumes. Creating a 21st century immigration process won’t be easy, but the framework the senators are proposing is a powerful and practical start to the legislative process, and it will make the peaks and valleys ahead much easier to traverse.

“The bipartisan support surrounding immigration reform is unlike nearly any other issue facing Congress because people who hold a Bible, wear a badge or own a business want a commonsense immigration system. And today’s debate on immigration is fundamentally different from previous reform efforts for exactly the same reason.

“These ‘Bibles, Badges and Business’ leaders have worked together over the past two years to forge a new consensus on immigrants and America. Thanks to their leadership in the Mountain West, Midwest and Southeast, and in Washington, D.C., today’s framework is an articulation of that bipartisan consensus.

“From the leadership of the Evangelical Immigration Table to the vision of the Utah Compact to conservative voices speaking publicly for reform, momentum is on our side. 

“What lies ahead will not be easy, and compromise will be necessary.  But leaders in both parties are clearly ready to do their jobs and create an immigration process that serves the needs of all Americans.”


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