Opening Shot for Immigration Overhaul as Administration and Congress Unveil Visions for Reform

Press Release, January 25, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. — All signs point to major action on broad immigration reform in the coming weeks. Today, the White House announced that President Obama will debut his plans for an immigration overhaul during an event Tuesday in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, a bipartisan working group of senators is likely to release broad principles for reform next Friday. Congress is expected to move forward on legislation as early as this spring. According to the Washington Post, the Senate’s “timetable would aim for a bill to be written by March or April and potentially considered for final passage in the Senate as early as the summer.” 

“The momentum behind immigration reform is growing stronger each day. We welcome efforts by Congress and President Obama to bring immigration to center stage,” said Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum.

Last week alone, prominent evangelical, business and law enforcement leaders voiced their support for the federal government to get to work on immigration reform that achieves real results. In hundreds of churches across the country, evangelical Christians are participating in the “I Was a Stranger” challenge, inviting pastors, congregants, and members of Congress to read a short passage of Scripture each day for 40 consecutive days that speaks to God’s love for immigrants and to pray for the immigrants in their community.

Added Noorani, “When it comes to crafting workable immigration solutions, people who hold a Bible, wear a badge or own a business are ready to work with both Democrats and Republicans to reach a consensus on a reasonable course forward on immigration. And as recent public opinion polls show, an overwhelming majority of Americans want federal action on commonsense immigration solutions that include a road to citizenship. American voters know it’s the right thing to do. Now, our nation’s leaders are finally realizing that it’s also very smart politics. Progress on immigration reform this year is within Washington’s grasp.” 


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